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Printing your company logo on your promotional products is an excellent way for people to recognise your brand in the sea of competitors. In fact, you have a lot of printing methods to choose from. But let’s talk about dye sublimation first, let’s discuss what makes it a great option for your business branding.

What Is Dye Sublimation Printing?

Dye sublimation printing is a digital printing method that uses heat transfer to apply an image to a material. The most common materials used for this method include transfer paper, fabric, and metal.

In dye sublimation printing, the printer heats the ink, causing it to sublimate, which means it skips the liquid form and transitions directly into a gaseous state. This gas form will then return to solid and create a full-colour image.

Similarly, this printing style is not intended for typical workplace media such as printing papers, labels or envelopes. Dye sublimation is popular for printing logos and graphics on rubber, synthetic fabric, and plastic substrates.

Different promotional products such as mugs, pillowcases, mouse pads, and sports apparel are suited for this type of promotional product printing.

Step 1: 

Create the image using the “Raster Image Processor” (RIP) software. A master layout containing the graphics for each part of the product is created. This is the file that will be used to print the transfer paper.

Step 2:

After creating the design, it will be printed using a specialized digital printer. The design is printed onto a large ream of transfer paper using specialized sublimation inks.

Step 3:

Once the image is printed, the paper will be aligned with a polyester textile so that the printed side faces the fabric. It will then be put into a heat press.

Step 4:

Once the materials are all set, the heat transfer will be closed and open once the image transfer is done.

Step 5:

After ensuring that the design is successfully transferred, the transfer paper can be discarded, and the fabric is ready for cutting and sewing.

Top 5 Reasons Dye Sublimation Printing is Great for Branding

1. Full-colour and high-quality printing.

The main benefit of using dye sublimation printing in branding products is its ability to use any colour with high-quality resolution. This printing method allows you to make your brand message and marketing initiatives bolder, livelier and more effective.

In addition, the dye or sublimation ink used in printing works well with the fabric, giving the material smoother colours.

2. Versatile

Dye-sublimation printing technology works great for indoor and outdoor promotional products. Its popularity grows as more and more types of materials can be printed using the method. From custom one-off flip flops, uniforms and socks to large outdoor signage and home decor items, dye sublimation provides unlimited potential for your business branding.

3. Long Lasting

The chemical bonding for this printing method ensures that the dye is permanently imprinted on your product/ material. Likewise, this means no cracking, fading or deterioration of the image will occur once it is set into the product. If the base material can withstand the cleaning agent or environment, your print will maintain its original look.

4. Provides unlimited colour options. 

Dye sublimation printing offers unlimited colour options for businesses like yours. Unlike other printing methods, it can produce thousands of colours, even if you choose a 4-colour printer.

5. Flexibility in production.

Dye sublimation printing is quick and inexpensive in both setup and production, making it an ideal choice for creating personalised, one-of-a-kind items or mass-producing various custom products. Using a relatively inexpensive printer, a computer and a heat press, you can now produce full-colour transfers cheaply and easily.